LEADING CHANGE: Signs of the Times

Welcome to Lead Me On, a blog about leadership and the spirit of change. We’re facing challenges even our parents’ generation couldn’t anticipate, and there are no easy answers. Change is global on every level, and includes our personal lives, our work and even our ecosystem.

We face a flood of information, problems and opportunities to re-invent ourselves and our world. How do we choose? How do we move forward? How do we find effective leadership, in ourselves, our organizations and our communities, so we can survive and thrive?

This blog will look to many sources to find out where we’re going, how we’re getting there, and what tools we need to complete the journey. It’s time to act, to call on spirit, mentors and our best self, finding the confidence to say, “Lead Me On!” Everything depends on our ability to make the right choices, and deepen our wisdom on the journey.

Wisdom from Nature

Who are you and where are you leading us?

We’re all under a lot of pressure. As a personal coach, educator and organizational consultant, I see the joy of discovery as well as the toxic effects of stress, disempowerment and fear. To be effective leaders (and we all can be!), we need to do more than find long and short term solutions. We need to find new ways to be — to be whole, to be partners, to be leaders.

This blog will pass on books, exercises, knowledge and strategies I’ve used to support healing, joy and clarity. We’ll create a space for connection, dialogue and debate, exploring the possible — and the impossible.

See you in the future! Let’s make it a good one.

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