Aloha Leadership

The stereotype of “aloha,” often translated simply as “I love you” or “Hello/goodbye,” is the tip of the iceberg. Even the more spiritual definition, “unconditional love,” is inadequate to describe this rich and complex resource for living well in community.

Aloha is a way of life, engaging mind, heart and spirit. To live with aloha, to lead with aloha, is to offer the best of yourself to the world, and receive what is needed from the community created by others who bring aloha to their relationships.

Aloha leadership is values-based leadership. The  core aloha values are

Ala: Watchful Alertness

Lokahi: Working in Unity with Resources Available

Oiaio: Truthful Honesty

Ha’aha’a: Humility

Ahonui: Patient Perseverence

To lead with aloha is to lead with connected authenticity, connected with community in integrity, authentic because we respect ourselves and our gifts as well as the people who depend on us, and on whom we depend.

Aloha is one tool of many, but it’s a core practice in my personal and leadership life. Aloha is challenging, practical, transformative and traditional.

In this blog, I’ll be exploring applications of aloha leadership in my own work and the work of colleagues on the Big Island and the Mainland.

If you want to learn more, check out my Aloha Leadership website.

Good leadership, like the Taro plant, feeds the people and strengthens community for all beings.

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