Green Business Leadership: Sustainable Authenticity

My article, “Towards Green Business Leadership: Ecocentric Authenticity and Sustainable Management,” has been published in Business Leadership Review‘s special issue on Sustainable Business Practices. Three cheers for the field, to open up such an interesting debate, and welcome  such diverse articles!

In my article, I argue that an ECO-centric style of leadership and management needs to replace an EGO-centric one — and that sustainability is not “greenwashing” the status quo, but making decisions to support a healthy future for the planet. The HOW of it is the challenge, isn’t it? Check it out to see how I’m exploring the ways that our concepts of leadership authenticity need to shift so our leadership practices can become more sustainable!

The challenge comes down to flexible roles — sustainable shapeshifting leadership? Perhaps! It’s a practical path, one that requires an expansive sensibility to support human and non-human communities. That requires the ability to be aware of the need for sustainable profit, which is a very different animal than the idea of profit we often call “the bottom line.”

In the article I discuss examples of companies changing their models in depth to support sustainable development. Check it out!

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