The Leading Edge on Title IX

Here are some places to go to find out about leaders and legislation battles for Title IX:

A great interview from CBS Seattle with the Seattle Storm’s owner, Ginny Gilder, about her leadership of her team and a fascinating protest of women athletes at Yale in 1976.

An interesting summary of legal history of Title IX from the GW Law Library, with some great links to further information, in case you want to explore the legislative and enforcement histories.

An ESPN profile of Jody Runge, a once-successful coach who couldn’t get a second chance.

The April 2, 2012 ESPNw’s article about the “glass wall” that shuts women out of coaching. “That men can coach women while women are shut out of the men’s game is a phenomenon researchers call “The Glass Wall.” Lots of statistics and resources, and a major source for the Washington Post opinion column I wrote about on August 1.

And in national news, a broader issue about pay equity:

The NY Times reports that Senate Republicans blocked the Pay Equity Act in June; find out what’s happening now with pay equity issues at the heart of Greenweld’s essay. (Women still make “77 cents to the male dollar” according to statistics reported in the article!)

Any other resources we need to read? Let me know.

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