The Worldʻs 100 Most Powerful Women (according to Forbes)

“For nine years FORBES has ranked the 100 most powerful women in the world. These are the women who adhere to the traditional classifications of power (political and economic might) and those who have risen to the top of the social and cultural landscape. It is our annual snapshot of women who impact the world.”

(Check out the slideshow here – a really diverse group of women….)

I love the categories:

  1. -The New Class of CEOs
  2. -Women in Tech
  3. -Female Entrepreneurs
  4. -Celebrity Role Models
  5. -Philanthropist/Entrepreneur Billionaires
  6. -Journalists
  7. -Latinas
  8. -Businesswomen in Asia
  9. -Healing, Feeding and Educating the World
  10. -Coming to America
  11. -Social Currency (Based on Twitter Power)

Here are a lot of ways of measuring leadership! Itʻs quite a company:  Gabby DouglasArianna Huffington, Meg Whitman (HP CEO) Lady Gaga, Alice Walton, Jill Abrahamson, Aung San Suu Kyi, Harvardʻs Drew Gilpin Faust, Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner…..

Hereʻs something for us “leadership watchers” to pay attention to, because we can link to some interesting ideas about women, influence and power through lists like this. Pairing a 16 year old Olympian with an Argentine President, a NY Times Editor, a surrealist pop singer and a Tech CEO means we suddenly get a glimpse at the strange world we call leadership.

Would you cut a few from the list? Add a few? The junction of leadership and power is one where our personal answer to “What is a leader?” come into play. Forbes has something for everyone on the list, though, so if it makes you itch to think of pop star Jennifer Lopez and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the power table together, you can soothe your nerves by combining women you admire together at a fantasy dinner party, hosted brilliantly by you.

More on this later…. In the meantime, I hope you let yourself be provoked by this interesting collection of women leaders from many arenas.

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