Why Good Ideas Go Bad

May 21, 2010

If only the success of business strategies didnʻt depend so often on the organizational skills of one leader to figure out if theyʻre any good, and then make them work!

Scot Adams shows us exactly what happens when weak strategy hits the desk of a bad leader. Good strategy doesnʻt fare much better.

Hereʻs a list of leadership qualities and skills that will drive any idea off the deep end to drown a whole company in sorrow.

Fear of Details
Ego-Driven Motivation
Delegation without Responsibility
Myopic Attention to the Bottom Line
Magnetic Charisma through Distraction
Gymnastically-Flexible Values without Moral Discipline

Thanks to these skills and qualities, honed over years of practice and nurtured by the weakness of frustrated, negligent followers, even the best innovative strategies will fizzle out to squelch healthy change.  The worst strategies will demoralize an organization into the ground.

O, Dilbertian doom! O, leadership languishing! We laugh because weʻve been there. We burnout, fracture or quit because we canʻt survive there.

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