That Which Doesnʻt Kill You Makes You Strong….

January 09, 2009

or causes unexpected problems….

Ahhh, Dilbert. When I worked in a cubicle, I couldn’t read this comic. It was just too… true!

Now, I count on Scot Adams to help me focus on “how not tos” for leadership.

Here, we see the lazy, dictatorial leader delegating his message to a follower who is smarter and more bitter than he could possibly imagine!

There are plenty of leaders who delegate successfully, of course. But in this era of leadership trainings that advocate regular employee newsletters and meetings full of leadership substance, who has the time to connect the dots? Oh, yes — a leader who knows how to lead. Someone who pays attention. Someone wise enough to know that, without the skills and diplomacy of a loyal secretary/staffer, s/he goes nowhere fast!

Or, gets bopped in the head, because that which doesn’t kill us makes us strong. Maybe.

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