A Few Good Questions for Good Leadership

How can we stay honest as leaders?

Self assessment is the key. There are many ways to keep track of our own progress, face our challenges, change our strategies as situations change.

One of the best ways is to ask ourselves good questions, and answer them honestly.

Questions to keep us in integrity with our values for leadership and our communities…

Douglas Roby, from Wright State University recently published an article in Education, summarizing the results from a survey about teacher-leader self-assessment for human relationship skills. (Vol. 132, No. 4, p. 898-906).

His emphasis is assessing and developing service leadership skills in the complexities of the classroom and the professional mazes of our schools and universities.

In his conclusion, he shares the key questions for teacher reflection. They’re very good self-assessment tools to measure our at-work habits and relationships, whether we’re teachers or not.

1. Can I remain positive when working with those who are negative?

2. Am I willing to make personal sacrifices to help others?

3. Can I admit when I am wrong?

4. Can I extend grace and forgiveness to others?

5. Do I stay clear of activities or conversations that victimize otehrs?

6. Am I willing to listen to discontent, not judge or deny it, but accept this is what others perceive?

7. Do I praise people for their accomplishments?

8. Am I willing to help others become influential and respected leaders?

9. Am I a model for serving others?

Every leader could use these questions to assess whether they’re following relationship best practices.

We’re always better at some things than others — once we see where we struggle, we can start to learn to play better with others, whether they’re our followers, our equals, or our leaders.

Whatever our leadership goal is:  to become truly authentic, truly a servant, truly transformative — we start with knowing ourselves, and keeping our relationships strong.

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