Review of “The Transforming Leader:” Transformational Leadership Communication

From the website Anobii, a review of Carol Pearson’s edited collection, which includes my article about shapeshifter leadership:

“Overall, The Transforming Leader reframes the challenge of leading in today’s interdependent, unpredictable world. Its message is that if we update our thinking, enhance the quality of our being, deepen our sense of relatedness with the ecology of our natural and social worlds, and practice transformational communication, things no longer have to be so hard.”

I love that — “things no longer have to be so hard.” If only learning to communicate better was easy! Leadership is one of those amorphous “concepts” that is actually a practice. In this collection, we do our best to articulate practical solutions, expand theoretical boundaries, and create a practice of leadership that is transformative as well as contemporary.

I hope you’ll check it out.

One comment

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