Character, Psychological Competence: More comments on The Transforming Leader

Ginette Paris, author of Heartbreak and Wisdom of the Psyche, wrote in her review of The Transforming Leader:

“Contradictory perceptions reveal one thing: that leadership is as nearly impossible a task as parenting. Nobody can do it without mistakes! But a `good enough” leader is a gift that can make a huge difference in our lives.

A leader is daily confronted with situations that necessarily constellate unconscious reactions because the workplace remains, as much as the family, the place where the faults and frailties of our human nature rub against our equally human possibilities for competence, intelligence, generosity, heroism.

The book The Transforming Leader is a series of articles that examine the basic psychological competences for exerting “transforming leadership”.

I find this book useful and necessary, for the following reasons:
1) techniques of dominance eventually fail
2) A leader gets things done by relating to those who, in practice, gets those things done (hence the need to be psychologically savvy.
3) Finally I find the book interesting because so many of the new challenges in the developed world have to do with mental health and character issues (narcissism, bullying, immaturity, entitlement). To be a leader today, one must develop a psychological competence, which is what this book is all about.”

Psychological Competence: How do we develop it?

There is nothing more frustrating than having to learn from our mistakes, but developing as leaders depends on our ability to learn the hard way how each of our strengths has a shadow. Our ruler abilities can degrade into bullying or dictatorship. Our sage wisdom can devolve into pedantry or obsession. Our creator innovations can lose grounding to become pie-in-the-sky failures. As we grow into ourselves as leaders, we have to face the ways our gifts can turn on us, in the wrong situation, in a misunderstood relationship, in a crisis.

The Transforming Leader is a collection that offers a prism of perspectives about this challenge.

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