Malala Yousefzai: Recovering in the UK!

A quick update about this influential teen-aged leader:

Yousefzai Supporters: REUTERS/Mohsin Raza

The profile in the Christian Science Monitor offers a full description of Malala’s slow recovery, as well as some fabulous links to features about violence against girls in Pakistan, Malala’s family history, the upwelling of support for Malala in Pakistan and around the world.


  1. hope she gets well soon and fully!


    1. I do too! It seems like a triple crime to brutalize such a bright spirit, and therefore it’s a quadruple blessing that she’s beginning to recover despite the Taliban’s attempt to silence her honest voice. When will they learn that brutality like this only makes them look less than human?


      1. you are absolutely right, when a fanatic hurts a pure hearted person he/she forgets that it makes him look like a monster, because he/she may have become blind but others have eyes.

        i was really worried about her, i am so happy that she is recovering. its a very sorry mind that shoots such a small child.


      2. Well, I think such child leaders are really scary to dictator/oppressors, because everyone sympathizes with a child’s voice, and Malala’s clarity is really profound, really engaging. Probably they weighed the cost of making her a martyr, and decided she needed more to be silenced, that the risk was worth it. Also, and this is hard to believe in my heart although it’s true, the Taliban has NO respect for women and girls, and at the same time, they have so much fear for any visibility or rebellion from that powerful group that Malala is the perfect storm to capsize their boat — if women and girls stand up to the Taliban, then they cannot survive, because it’s the oppression of women that fuels their patriarchal fantasy of power. When women stand up, where-ever we do, the world shifts on its axis.


  2. […] years, Malala Yousafzai has evolved from a vocal advocate for girl’s education in Pakistan into a survivor of terrorist violence, global activist, fundraiser, and nearly mythic icon. The key reason for her undeniable success in […]


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