Follower attitude: more than a mask

We all mask our thoughts at work, but sometimes it’s just hard to survive unless we entirely disappear…

It’s worse when the boss praises us for the empty mask. Adding insult to injury…

Here are three ways to resist resorting to the ridiculous, and disappearing into cheerful followership:

1. Realistically assess the tasks and skills you need to do your job well, and do your best to fulfill the requirements of your work.

2. Resist letting the story of your work dominate your life. Retell it so you can smile genuinely and keep focus. Remember why you’re doing it. Leave work stories at work, unless they’re celebrations or serious crises.

3. Before you quit your job, look at your life outside work. Is it rich enough to make the masks you need to wear worth wearing? If not, start enriching your experiences, expanding your life story so you can be more flexible at work. Joseph Campbell said, “Find your bliss,” not “Find your bliss at work.” Living a better story in your WHOLE life will make it possible for you to make a healthy decision about your job life, and improve your attitude, too.

Change your story, change your life. Masks should make aspects of ourselves visible — not hide our truth.

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