Be a Leader, Not a Zombie: Zombie Candidates and Voters after All Hallows Eve…

News from the Zombies

As you can see, there have been a lot of images about zombie candidates, not just for Romney, kind of a seasonal meme (viral concept).

Apparently, it was a “meme” before Whedon’s satirical youtube about the zombie apocalypse.

Goofy, not scary. Just goofy…

Clever art, but a vague political message, more an attack on supporters than Obama or his policies.

The main theme seems to be that the followers of the undead candidates are brainless.

Who wants to be brain-dead, really?

No one on either side feels brain dead.

And in fact none of us are brain dead, although as a nation, whatever side we find ourselves on, we are frustrated, struggling and a strange blend of hopeful, fearful and manic. And polarized. Hence, pointing our fingers at the other side as zombies. It’s a comforting archetype to galvanize resistance, since the zombie apocalypse is a highly rated television experience and a longtime favorite monster story to make us barricade our brains and doors against danger coming from something so other it’s not even human anymore.

I could only finda few that have any genuinely clever political commentary attached to the metaphor.

Cartoon by Terrence Nowicki, Jr.

And that includes Whedon’s assessment of the precursors required for a zombie apocalypse, starting with “stop pretending we care about each other.”

But coherent, clever, or simply visually arresting, all of these zombie images, from either side, are asking for the same thing that Joss Whedon called for in his viral YouTube video (today at 6:30 p.m. posting 5,097,529 views). THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!

So, citizens all, let’s let zombies be bygones. Think… and share your thoughts in civil conversation!

I know, I know, I thought Whedon’s video was clever partly because he echoes my political party’s objections to Romney’s policies. And Republicans think it’s funny to see Obama as a zombie, we all think it’s downright childish to zombify our candidate. To mock is human, to be mocked is — well, uncomfortable.

But Halloween is over. We vote next week, hurricane damage and new poll laws willing. Democrats are not zombies, and neither are Republicans. How do we find out? Stop ravening and drooling about the evil other and actually talk with them. Ask questions. Listen. Share your thoughts. Aim for coherence, connection, a shared discussion. Be a leader, not a zombie.

Strike a blow for civilized discourse in a nation so polarized that we’re afraid to talk with each other because we think the opposite camp will eat our brains. No, I mean, because we think the opposite camp has nothing to say. And they think the same thing about us. Just look at these zombie cartoons. Keeping voters polarized is a great way to keep citizens from finding and fighting for solutions that fit the needs of the many and not the few — to quote another green-faced pop culture icon who could never be accused of being a zombie.

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