Update: Terrorist victim Malala Yousefzai released from the hospital

Pakistani education activist Malala Yousefzai is now an outpatient — with no brain damage, but further reconstructive surgery expected from an October 2012 attack.

(AP Photo/Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham)

(AP Photo/Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham)

This is great news for Pakistan and Malala’s family. Doctors credit the resilience of her young brain, and her father credits the prayers of people all over the world.

Yousefzai will have to stay  in Great Britain for the time being, not just for medical treatment but because returning home to the Swat Valley is not safe.

Protests continue there, as do threats from the Taliban. Most recently, students from the college named for the activist are protesting the name change because they fear it will make them a target for the Taliban. (English language coverage of the protests can be found here. Be aware when you check them out that there is a lot of advertising action on that site, but there’s some interesting sources integrated into the article so I wanted to include it. Also check out the video of a 12/6 protest covered by zamaswat, here.)

Last month, Yousefzai was awarded the 2012 Tipperary International Peace Award from Ireland. She was one of five nominees, including US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, president of Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi, former Kenyan journalist John Githongo and Pax Christi International, the Catholic human rights and peace organization.

Thanks to her persistence, clarity, and the Taliban reaction to her activism, Yousefzai has become an international figure, bringing the importance of the education of women and girls across the globe into the consciousness of the world.


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