David Petraeus Cartoons: A Picture of the National Distraction

How can we properly thank the cartoonists who capture a current moment in history, with a clever slant that wryly shows us who we are now.

Reminding us of other less delicious, more entrenched scandals…


Or demonstrating our distraction from more life and death issues…


Or pointing out an oddly paradoxical naivete of leadership…

Another Victim of Government Spying

Or helping us laugh at the layers of banality and complexity that make everything feel a little surreal…


Each cartoon a pebble in a pool, making sense out of silliness or silliness of sense, depending on your perspective. Perhaps these clever scrawls are more to comfort and inspire us followers, but they may also serve as a call to ethics and transparency for the leaders stimulating the current national obsession.


  1. […] He also talks briefly about “the David Syndrome,” which many of us women have apparently brought up — and basically demonstrates that he brings up Bathsheba because he wants to talk about the temptation of leaders — it’s his “in” to catch our attention. And it sure has, since the fall from grace of General David Petraeus. […]


  2. […] social dynamics if we didn't meddle. I wonder if another part of this metaphor holds true — that we are distracting ourselves from bigger issues, just as we do when we go to the zoo and entertain ourselves by throwing popcorn at the chimps. […]


  3. […] the leadership theory, the Bathsheba Syndrome, and made Petraeus a strange combination of laughing stock and poster child for an apparently common problem in the […]


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