Leadership as Cooking, but Gourmet? Not!

It’s official: the mess is not getting any cleaner. If leadership is like cooking, Obama is overwhelmed by the number of pots in the kitchen.

from caglecartoons.com

from caglecartoons.com

I suppose it’s inevitable. At least according to cartoonist Adam Zygus, he’s got three big problems:

1. No one’s helping. OK, maybe too many cooks spoil the broth, but one cook alone can’t do everything at once! Isn’t our government set up to be collaborative? Where are the helpful sous-chefs? Nowhere to be found.

2. The backburner is jammed full, and boiling over. Climate change, which waits for no legislation, is making the kitchen hot and dangerous. And something’s got to be done — but wait, what about the economy?

3. The backburner’s as important as the frontburner! Zygus’ Obama seems doggedly determined not to panic, but that means he has to ignore signs of disaster. No good can come of that.

At least Obama’s braving the heat, and staying the course — but what a mess!

They say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, that’s not an option for most leaders, especially in a crisis.

For the presidency, though, there’s a term limit to being a chef. In three years, someone else get’s to put on the apron and stir the pots of politics. Will Obama clean up Bush’s mess in time? Will his successor be able to clean up the mess Obama made by cleaning up someone else’s mess? Will anyone be able to see the progress, or will history just hunker down and hoard energy bars because global warming, political deadlock and the international economic crisis has filled the kitchen with too much smoke?

Julia, where art thou!? We need a woman’s touch!

Julia Childs with Mallet

Julia Childs with Mallet

Sometimes dinner needs to be contained before it can become a feast! That’s the challenge Obama and other key leaders face as they try to push the ship of state towards port, and “Bon Appetit!”

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