What would the world be like if Celebrities took tips from Jennifer Lawrence?

This post from a 13-year old blogger impressed me. Her comments about celebrities changing the way we live adds a lot to my thoughts about the leadership powers of role models. Some people think it’s too much to expect celebrities to be leaders not just lucratively marketed public figures. But the power of that visibility inspires many celebrities to step beyond a prefab role into a culturally challenging role. This blog shows that the honesty and clarity of Jennifer Lawrence makes a difference to this articulate teenager, and challenges some of the more dangerous norms of the anorexic Hollywood culture. Step up, celebrities! (Step up, all of us!) We CAN make a difference.

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  1. […] this blog, I’ve looked intensively at the ways artists as leaders in the public sphere introduce themes, build community and impact the ways we understand leadership on all levels. What I […]


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