How We See Ourselves Shapes Who We Can Become as Leaders

This is such commonsense that it’s almost a cliche. But when we can lighten up about how we see ourselves, we can shine our light in the world more clearly.

Watch this Dove Real Beauty Sketches video, and think about the ways you limit yourself. It certainly was an eye opener for me. I expected it to be a commercial plug, but it is an experiment in the power of how we perceive ourselves.

“Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety….” Imagine a world where leadership is a source of confidence, not fear… Imagine a world where the diversity of who we are, from the inside out, shines with authentic spirit and true understanding of the power of perception.


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  1. […] Stories are more than rhetoric — they’re the frameworks that create our leadership identities. We weave them around our choices and they become the self we present to the world, the source of our authenticity. […]


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