Michelle Bachmann: Called to Leadership?

Every one of us has heard a call to leadership, in some part of our lives. Michelle Bachmann was called by the Koch Brothers, who put the tea in the Tea Party’s bank accounts. But now, despite her brave front, she seems to have been called away from leadership, at least in the front lines of the Republican Party.

from Steve Sack at the Star Tribune

from Steve Sack at the Star Tribune

It’s awkward, but her carelessness has gone viral, over and over. Here’s Rachel Maddow, setting the record straight about Bachmann’s history gaffes. Just watch it, it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel, and Maddow herself talks about why this kind of ignorance has been more dangerous than funny, because of her pivotal role in the Intelligence Committee. “The more she is made fun of, the more money she was able to make.” Her public career was short term, but she made a place for those who believe, with her, that conservatives are the underdog, and conspiracies are everywhere.

Maddow’s advice: don’t laugh at her, because it makes her stronger. “The thing that is most important noting about her, is that she is more influential than she gets credit for in the conservative media. She has a way of saying things that stick.” It’s a report worth watching, because it explains why her repetitions of conspiracy theory are influential, and she uses news clips to document the ways her ideas have spread.

For a good summary of her public career, go to CNN’s political article about her resignation.

Well, she’s out but not down. She’s done her job as political clown and super-spinner, and now it’s time to go — and even the Republicans are relieved. Although her leadership can’t be called good political work by any measure, she has made a mark that will not go away any time soon.

Maybe only the cartoonists will really miss her — at least until she starts her next initiative…

Steve Sack, Star Tribune

Steve Sack, Star Tribune

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