10 Entrepreneurial Leadership Tips

One of the tips in this entrepreneurial leadership blog is “Be Real.” Michelle Kabele, marketing consultant, writes:
“Be Real

Be yourself. Don’t try to fill an image created by your title or position. Entrepreneurs are just regular people who are trying to create business success. When you embrace this attitude you step away from traditional behavior and use your instincts and experience to earn success.”
I’ve written a lot about being “authentic” and I wonder: is it the same as being “real?” Maybe, maybe not. Sure, authentic people are, on some level, being themselves, writ large. Maybe authenticity is just being real on a conscious, strategic scale — performing that role, not just knowing who we are and making decision based on how we know ourselves.
Being authentic is way past instinct, although we use that instinct. Being real may just be the first step, because it means being out there, accessible as who we are, and doing what we love in the process.
As we get more power, authenticity becomes more important to our sustainable success as “real” leaders.

Mkabele's Blog

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?  An entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t start with an opportunity, capital, or business acumen.  It begins with a mindset.

Entrepreneur Michael Gerber said “The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.”

What does it take to exhibit entrepreneurial leadership?  Start with these ten tips to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your professional life and your team.  Learn to see the opportunities all around you.

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