Bill McKibben and moral leadership: Do the Maths tour, Melbourne

Here’s a good blog about Bill McKibben’s ongoing activism against the environmental devastation of climate change, through his writings and his viral activist organization 350.

He writes: “McKibben does not aspire to lead, but to inspire others and bring out the best within us.”

It’s an idealized portrait, based on the inspiring oratory that is McKibben’s strongest leadership tool, after his persistence, clarity and inspirational organizing that has galvanized an international protest movement. The author talks about moral leadership and the simple, effective rhetoric McKibben uses, along with statistics and narratives of climate change devastation.

I would say, McKibben is a leader who works to create new leaders. His arguments are moral; he has abandoned the scientific and rational core of his earlier work, fighting now not to prevent climate change but to create adaptive solutions so we can survive and reduce the destruction from the changes that have begun.

Watching the Deniers

“The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice” – Martin Luther King

Bill McKibben is a dangerous man.

At least to those wanting to stall action on climate change and deny the reality of a warming planet. He is dangerous to those who wish to extract every last drop of oil and piece of fossilized carbon in the ground.

He is dangerous to those who would trash the planet, and deny future generations the right to inherit a habitable Earth.

He is dangerous because what he says not only makes sense, but is powerfully articulated.

He is dangerous to vested interests because he is bringing organisation to the fractured and disparate environment movement.

And because Bill McKibben is so dangerous to the deniers, the fossil fuel industry and Murdoch’s media empire we should do everything we can to help Bill and

It is almost…

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