Ten Signs You’re Committing Leadership Malpractice

This is a great metaphor for leadership challenges — malpractice! It pulls in a story about ethics that we associate with doctors and lawyers, but probably ought to consider for all leaders in positions where they might “do harm” to people and communities through neglect or misbehavior! Read on…

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Malpracticemal·prac·tice (māl-prāk’tĭs), noun

  1. any improper, negligent practice; misconduct or misuse
  2. immoral, illegal, or unethical professional conduct or neglect of professional duty
  3. the behavior of most bad bosses in today’s workplaces

What if leaders could be sued for malpractice? Malpractice, as a legal course of action, is usually applied to professionals in the healthcare, legal, accounting, or financial investment fields, but imagine if it applied to bad leaders? Would it change the way you view your position of authority and influence you to be a better leader?

The sad reality is there are too many leaders in organizations today guilty of malpractice. I believe that bad leadership accounts for the majority of dysfunctional behavior in organizations and our research has shown it can result in a financial cost equal to 7% of a company’s annual revenue. That’s over $1 million dollars for an organization with $15 million or more in annual…

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