What are the Major Concerns of US and UK CEOs?

We talk a lot about leadership as a quality, authenticity as a source of effectiveness, and transformation as a kind of discernment. But we forget that good leadership helps us be good managers only when we can deal with the practical issues we struggle with every day. Here’s a list of the six things that are the major concerns of CEOs, every concern something that requires the nitty gritty puzzle solving of management as well as leadership that holds the big picture and empowers followers/colleagues.
1. Negative surprises
2. Insufficient data
3. Performance of their top team
4. Slow pace of progress
5. Lack of control
6. Incompetent employees

What do you think? How do we bridge the theories of leadership that exclude fundamental management and management practices that make leadership secondary to daily crisis? How do you deal with these six concerns in your own world?

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What are the major concerns of Chief Executive Officers around the US and UK? A recent research includes the following information:

  • 64 percent of CEOs interviewed said they do not have full control over their company’s direction
  • 45 percent of the CEOs interviewed were not satisfied with their executive team’s performance
  • Only 22 percent of CEOs interviewed have confidence that their employees are fully aligned behind the company’s strategy

“There are lots of things that CEOs worry about,” said Alex Raymond, CEO of Kapta, which conducted the survey. “What surprised us in our research was how little CEOs feel like they have control over their companies. It’s like the old adage – do you control your company or does your company control you? Our research shows that many CEOs don’t have the tools needed to fully manage their businesses.”

If you are interested to find out what keeps CEOs up at…

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