These 6 TED & TEDx speakers just won MacArthur’s “genius” award

This just proves that Ted and TedX, with its emphasis on interesting ideas on the innovative fringes and shifting center of society, is part of a social network that gets ideas and idea-makers into the marketplace. Who says visibility doesn’t increase leadership opportunities?

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Six TED speakers have been recognized in the 2013 class of MacArthur Fellows. Each recipient will heretofore be unofficially known as a “genius” and will very officially receive a no-strings-attached prize of $625,000 to support his or her creative instincts for the benefit of society.

We salute all 24 of this year’s winners, of course. But we add a particularly hearty round of the applause for these folks, all well known to the TED audience:

[ted_talkteaser id=1733]Psychologist Angela Duckworth, who spoke at TED Talks Education in 2013, studies the impact of intellect and personality on educational success. At the University of Pennsylvania, her research focuses on two characteristics — grit and self-control — to measure sustained academic achievement over decades. Her groundbreaking research in this field suggests that grit might be a better measure of success than standardized test scores. Could her work change the way we…

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