Three Tips for Today’s Leaders

These three tips are good guides for sustainable leadership practices . I particularly like the second tip, “Find the balance between being authentic and being a custodian.” What a great way to talk about the balance of personal authenticity and organizational responsibility! Thanks so much for this useful approach. We too often confuse authenticity with self-expression in its most frontier-style aspect! But authentic leadership has to be balanced in ways that counteract hierarchy-as-usual leadership that allows that kind of cowboy authenticity in top leaders. By the way, thanks for linking to the fabulous Declaration and Call to Action on Women and Leadership. Alternative models of authenticity are vital now!

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By Lynda Gratton

As a business professor, I’m often asked about the nature of leadership today. When I think about what it means to be a leader right now, the first thing that comes to mind is complexity: today, leadership means being prepared to deal with many stakeholders – from  NGOs that are becoming more voracious in their demands to followers who are increasingly emboldened.

This situation is not only complex, but also tough to navigate – particularly in a world that is increasingly transparent and connected. However, there are still things leaders can do to smooth the process – let me share three of them with you.

  • Keep your eyes wide open More than 15 years ago my colleague Sumantra Ghoshal and I wrote business cases on three companies that were at that time leaders in their field: BP, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nokia. In one way or…

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