4 Reasons Your New Leader Isn’t Working Out

Now here’s some good advice for leaders hiring and mentoring new leaders in an organization — act immediately to help them settle in, make a good impression, and find their feet in their new world! Leadership needs to be mentored. In jobs I’ve really shone in, I had a great mentor. Other jobs, well, I may have done my best, but without a mentor, my unintentional missteps caused everyone, including me, a lot of grief! Leadership is learned, and organizations need to teach new leaders ways their special gifts can be expressed and integrated! A very important leadership story here! Thank you.

Business, Life and Leadership

So, it’s finally done. After seemingly endless interviews, a number of not-quite-right candidates, and a growing sense of panic at how long this has taken, you’ve made a decision on who to put in a leadership role on your team. What are your chances that you’ve made a good pick?

Not great. A quick Google search turns up a number of studies that say best case is 50-50. Whether it happens half the time or more, the point is that if you hire enough, it will happen to you – you’ll make a bad pick. How long do you wait to see if it will all work out?

Many factors will invite you to postpone that decision. Perhaps you think your business is difficult to learn. Maybe a significant event happened shortly after the new leader’s arrival that is impacting that business. Certainly, you don’t want to question your judgment…

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