What Makes Leaders Matter More

Here’s a leadership paradox if I ever read one — what matters more, what we do or who we are? In leadership theory, it’s expressed in the classic management vs. leadership split, a false distinction but a long standing one. You can’t really deny the truth of his practical advice — “Leaders don’t matter until they do what matters.” And I love the list of suggestions for doing more of what matters, including answering the question, “Who do I need to spend more time with?”

I guess I would add, “Do your inner work – don’t avoid this important doing that helps you be more present in your doing! (Forgive the maze phrase!) And a codicil — don’t let doing your inner work get in the way of your leadership responsibilities! Where my thinking intersects with this post is that leadership is about relationships — and all action has to proceed from that place in order to matter!

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  1. […] strangeness, the fractured dance of political authenticity shocks us into shame and anger. If leadership that matters is really about what we do, not necessarily who we are, then what is authenticity? What are the […]


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