Malala Yousafzai in Birmingham: Heroic Leader, no longer “Simple Malala”

Follow this link to see a BBC news interview with Malala Yousafzai about the moment she became Malala-the-Hero, not just “simple Malala.” A telling moment, that the greatest adjustment might well be the change in her role – from local hero to public face of justice for girls. Inthe place she now lives, she represents far more than the girl who volunteered to write an anonymous diary. More and more visible as a public figure, she is less and less visible as a girl. This video offers a glimpse — staged perhaps, a litle awkward, but touching and informative.

Yousafzai in Birmingham on the way to school

Yousafzai in Birmingham on the way to school

Click here to see the video:


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  3. […] we might consider “ordinary” in a more secular culture. As Yousafzai has become a hero internationally, her story has illuminated others like Muzoon’s, bringing the courageous and contextually […]


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