The Hunger Games Are Real: Teenage Fans Remind the World What Katniss Is Really Fighting For

It’s wonderful that the Hunger Games and Harry Potter are inspiring fan activism. I knew fans were a powerful force in virtual and conference realms, and that these books had a passionate and creative following. This news is even better — inspired by the heroic in books, fans are finding the heroic leader in themselves! Maybe, with this creativity, we are finding a new kind of heroic authenticity — inspired by fiction but made real in the daily world. APOLOGIES FOR THE POORLY FORMATTED “REBLOG.” HERE ARE HELPFUL LINKS: For a link to the Yes! Magazine Article, click here…  FOR A LINK TO THE WONDERFUL VIDEO, WHICH DOESN’T COME THROUGH CLEARLY,  CLICK HERE…

The Stake

This article originally appeared at YES! Magazine.

This week, millions of Americans will gather in theaters to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. While for many the film is little more than big-budget Hollywood pop fare, for others the story will dramatically shape the way they see the world’s economic situation.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the second of a three-part series adapted from Suzanne Collins’ popular young adult science fiction books. Set in a dystopic future defined by the rigid classism of “Panem,” citizens of the ruling Capitol live lavish lives of leisure, while citizens of the outlying districts struggle with poverty, abuse, and exploitation in support of the wealthy.

Andrew Slack, founder of the fan activism organization The Harry Potter Alliance, callsThe Hunger Games stories “arguably the most anti-classist blockbuster[s] in history.”

Slack Founded the Harry Potter Alliance, or HPA, after he was moved deeply by…

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  1. This is awesome! HPA lives on, and is asking all the right questions.
    alas,I clicked through (several pages) to the video, which is not displaying, nor even a live link. That’s a pity, for most of your readers won’t take the trouble.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up — I’ll see what I can do about the video. And yes — it’s wonderful, how art inspires life….


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