Shifting the way we co-create

This is a fascinating report with both practical and visionary results. We certainly do need to be more mindful in the ways we co-create, overcoming differences between individuals and groups, and creating alliances. The idea of patterns of mutual support is especially appealing to me as a coach — it would be wonderful if we could create alliances that bring energy and sustainable innovation to both big questions and personal development. Big changes fed by personal change fed by transformational innovation fed by personal commitment fed by…. Alliances, collective work, make the process sustainable, personal and political, global and local.

The Future of Leadership is Collective

When I work with change agents from around the world one question always comes up in evening conversations – how can we shift the way we co-create? How can we more successfully collaborate, become collectively more intelligent, overcome territorial fights, mal- communication and island solution?

I admit there is a not an easy answer. Or at least it does not fit into an elevator speech, and by the time answers are emerging it gets very late in the evening.

Try this:

Ask 10 people when they have experienced really really good collaboration? Let them remember a situation where people supported each other, willingly contributed, listened to each other – and had been very productive and effective together?

You will find that almost everybody remembers at least one situation.

Then ask: so what was this situation made up of ?

You get amazing results: we all know how the world could…

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