Book Review of Conscious Capitalism

I enjoyed this thoughtful review of Conscious Capitalism. It raises interesting questions about writings that embrace spirituality as a natural part of our leadership. There is a tender balance between discussing mindful management for sustainable social and economic change, and proposing a spiritual solution to Western culture’s excesses. We can’t help but speak from personal knowledge and experience, and at the same time we need to expand our perspectives to be more inclusive and clear about the core concepts! It’s quite a challenge. I enjoyed the analysis of pros and cons for the book, and look forward to reading the book.

The Executive's & Entrepreneur's Magazine

The book makes for an easy evening read. It addresses four important areas that business leaders have to build upon: I) Stakeholder integration, II) Higher purpose and core values, III) Conscious culture and management, IV) Conscious leadership. In addressing these areas within the pyramid outlined by authors Mackey and Sisodia, leaders become in that sense, conscious capitalists who seek for the betterment of human society as a whole through capitalism. Indeed, businesses do not exist merely for the sake of maximizing profit. Within each business lies a fundamental purpose, which the authors have rightfully pointed out in the introductory chapters of the book. Despite the fact that there has been some bad vibes about capitalism as a whole due to a lack of understanding and the manner which greed has painted it in negative light, this book does shed some light as to how capitalism is meant to be…

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