Six Steps to SPRING Ahead in Your Work Relationships

This is a great reminder that at work, as in our other life, we need to remember to simply be human with each other: smile, share, be grateful, be personal (connect through commonalities!) and inspire. Isn’t it just this — complex? As complex as paying attention, building connections. As simple as being present, being awake to relationships, to the fact that the co-workers around that endless meeting table are people, too. Fundamental, maybe. Very useful, very true — and often neglected once we get stuck on task and in biz rut!

Blanchard LeaderChat

Metal SpringsI just got back from teaching a class on our Situational Team Leadership content. Before class started, people were very quiet, even wary, about talking with one another.  Some even passed the time by doing individual work at their computer.

To start the class I shared that since this was a course on teams, I’d like them to introduce themselves and then share something that they were proud of that their team had accomplished. WOW! The energy in the room jumped to amazing decibels—and for the rest of the day, that energy was transferred into amazing participants who felt great about themselves and participated at the highest level.

If a winter chill has crept into some of your interactions with others, or you’d like to get to know people better, here is a six step way to purposefully SPRING into reigniting the joy and inspiration of working together.

Step 1:

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