Addressing Stereotypes in Stock Photos

This is a great example of the arts in leadership — here mixed with a marketing strategy that fills a cultural gap! I love this initiative, because there is huge value in making powerful women, capable girls and diverse ways of seeing women at work accessible to the people who need pictures to illustrate their blogs, websites and advertisements! It’s an unexpected place to find innovation, and it’s a kind of innovation that feels a lot like common sense, which makes it even more powerful!

Clearly Connected Conversation

enhanced-buzz-wide-20979-1392163420-30 Getty Images teamed with to create a collection of stock photos intended to represent women in a more empowering light. is the foundation launched by Sheryl Sandberg, author of Women, Work and the Will to Lead. The book, published last year, challenged women and the business world to step up to increase female leadership. An accomplished executive with business and government experience, Sandberg points to solid research on the stubborn stereotypes that discourage female leadership, and calls on women not to give in to those traps, but rise above them.

enhanced-buzz-wide-24504-1392163397-11The project with Getty is certainly welcome and I might say long overdue. Anyone who has worked with stock photography for the past decade or so has no doubt seen much improvement from the 90s, when smiling white men were the office norm, and the only people of color were gardeners or laborers. Today it’s possible to find…

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