The Goofus and Gallant Paths to Leadership Excellence: Start Where You Are!

Leadership: sometimes it seems like the thing we do despite ourselves. When we think about what we’re supposed to do, we stumble. It’s that pesky learning curve. Aren’t you sometimes tempted to just throw leadership theory away, stand up and say, “I JUST WANT TO DO MY JOB!” For most of us, when we don’t think too hard about it, we get it right more often than not. And when we don’t we have good questions to help us learn what will really help us!
The thing to remember is that we need to build new leadership skills on the strengths we already have in order for the clumsy, grand and ongoing struggle for personal leadership development. That’s certainly the gallant path — tying into authentic engagement with followers based on what we can actually build, because of who we are and where we’re starting. Every leaders’s leading edge is different.
Here’s the goofus of the leadership learning curve, thanks to Scott Adams, who captures the ways bad managers take on leadership jargon (the chaff) and leave the substance behind:
Dilbert, by the brilliant Scot Adams

Dilbert, by the brilliant Scott Adams

What leadership theories or strategies have you adopted in the past few years? What was your learning curve like? I’d love to hear how you avoided the goofus path!

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