The Land Of “But”; Where Ideas Go To Die

This is a great way for leaders to proactively and simply watch their language — “plussing!” instead of “butting.” It’s really hard to be a leader, harder probably to be a follower, and in whatever role we take, there’s value in opening up possibility rather than consciously or unconsciously shutting innovation down by how we speak. The Hawaiians call this “I ka ‘ōlelo no ke ola, i ka ‘ōlelo nō ka make.” In the language is life. In the language is death.
Words can heal; words can destroy. Words can kill innovation before it even begins…. The trick is changing our habits, and letting ourselves learn, awkwardly, gradually, to listen as we speak, then reframe our words, eventually able to frame “plusses” before we speak. So important!


Each day hundreds of thousands of ideas are formed, considered…and most often disregarded, cast-aside, and left to wither and die…

Each day, ideas, both good and bad, survive and thrive or wither and die due to the mindset in which they are formed and the environment in which they are tossed into.  Most barely make it through the gates of the kingdom before judgment is cast down up them.

In fact, most of our ideas are left to face the arena of lions in the coliseum…

A place where many of us are either unwilling or wanting to go.  And why should we?  Why should we want to make ourselves and our ideas vulnerable to an environment that is both unfriendly and unkind?  A place where our ideas are held up, ridiculed, shredded, and cast aside.

Unfortunately, many leaders, some knowing and others unknowingly, are much like the emperor of…

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