Can I just talk about Malala for a second

Love this shameless celebration of Malala Yousafzai’s vision, charisma and persistence. She has ignited a world of women and girls, and probably men, who respect her and want to say, I am Malala. Love this honest praise of what is a combination of charisma and vision: “I don’t know. I just love her energy. Her girlish grin. The way she speaks. I love how focused she is on love, and forgiveness and peace instead of on anger and revenge which, you know, would totally have been her right. And why shouldn’t we all be angry that a girl was shot for wanting to learn? But Malala? No, she’d rather speak about her love for education and her desire for a better life for every child because she doesn’t have time for anger. Anger weighs you down and tires you out. I know this, because I am often angry.”
I also love Malala Yousafzai, with a hint of cynicism about how she’s being used by Western leaders to keep us in the black and white for and against Freedom Good Taliban Bad. It’s more complex than that — but it’s not Yousafzai’s fault that she’s being used – it may be simply a side-effect of celebrity and success. Her feminism and courage are indeed inspiring.

And this blog is an interesting insight into how young, passionate and creative feminists are seeing her. Well worth a visit.

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