Other people’s paths

This post about the ways we ask questions, the ways we follow the paths of our listening self and move forward through the leading edge of our lives (and leadership) was such a blessing to me today. I just came down from a retreat on Mt. Shasta in California, full of a renewed sense of the importance of being in alignment with myself, with the world, and this clear, lovely message resonated perfectly with me today! Thank you! I’m going to find this book and explore more.

The Future of Leadership is Collective

The developmental path of a leader is shaped by the way questions are posed and transformed as they inform the inner and outer search. The way of re-organizing memory through inquiry influences the art of finding new possibilities in life. There is an assumption here – the ability to listen, to create empty spaces, the courage to venture into the unknown and the establishment of a continuous inner dialogue have as much influence on our developmental paths as external events.

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