Business as a Second Language

Leadership is about not being afraid to look stupid by asking clarifying questions that get everyone speaking the same language! It’s also about paying attention to the language we use, so that it doesn’t become an exclusive club of jargon, specific terminology and assumptions. Good advice from Business, Life and Leadership….

Business, Life and Leadership

Many successful people in business are numbers people. They easily manipulate formulas in their heads and like to show off by doing fast math in their heads in large group meetings.

I am not one of those people.

I remember one boss saying to me, “You need to learn how to do math in your head, like _________”. Frankly, I rejected that feedback as ridiculous. I could no more learn to do fast math in my head than I could turn a cartwheel, and both seemed equally unnecessary in a business setting. Doing math in your head and being able to write a business case are not highly related skills.

But there is one great advantage the numbers people have. Their skills are easily understood to be transferable, and numbers are reassuringly the same even as you switch industries.

I am a words person. I love Scrabble and reading and…

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