ART AND LEADERSHIP FEATURE: The Best Leadership Vision Embraces the Unpredictable


The vision that excites our followers to dance with us is not the vision of certainty. It’s a vision of expansion, imaginative possibility. Vision is a bridge from the known into the unknown, and requires curiosity not just clarity. Manager-vision promises good results; great leadership vision promises possibility.
In this picture, it’s hard to tell who is the leader and who is the follower. Ultimately, both are leaders. The father creates a safe space, provides the blanket, not knowing what they will find as the night rises. The daughter’s wonder leads them both away from the safe circle of the lamp and their toys, and into the greater gift of exploration. It is a collaboration, where leaders becomes follower, and follower becomes leader. That’s visionary leadership.

Today, ask yourself:

Have you created a safe circle of light for your vision to grow, for the courage to step away and explore?

Where do you limit your vision? In the people you follow? In your own projects?

Where do you step up to an expanded vision, with the wonder of this “little explorer?”

With thanks to “Little Explorer” by Ibrahim Elawadi of Egypt, an image captured in November 2013 from desert near Fayoum, about 100 km south of Cairo. “This visualises the story of building the future by placing a passion in the young minds to explore the universe in the young minds”, explained by the photographer. See more amazing pictures at TWAN’s Website: Award Winning Photos of the Night Sky, 2014.





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