#Dilbert Strikes Again: Bad Leadership is Bad Thinking!

What is it that makes it so hard to look at the big picture? Why is it such a challenge to let things be messy when we’re learning? In organizations, it’s because leaders are expected — and expect themselves — to be right. So we grab onto “rules,” and forget about the context!


So let’s say it’s human nature. Why not? Makes it easier to admit we all do it…

No how do we step back (if we’re not trapped in the Dilbert world, that is!)?

Ask these questions:

1. Why does this leadership book make so much sense to me!? Does it answer a question I’ve been struggling with? Does it fit my leadership style? Challenge me to be a better leader? Does it help me understand myself or my company better?

No? Find another book.

Yes? Then follow the suggestions in my recent blog, Three Steps to Sane Transformation: integrate your knowledge, test the waters, and then (and only then!) apply the changes needed to make that leadership innovation work!

Leadership gurus can be very seductive, bringing us to epiphanies that seem so simple. But if change is simple, it’s rarely easy, especially when it affects others who depend on us! Context is all when it comes to applying new knowledge!



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