Update: Lance Armstrong, “fearless” in leadership purgatory

Recently, Lance Armstrong is back in the news — still an athlete in the hearts of of his fans and in fact, but eating humble pie. Does he want his leadership role back? He’s certainly a celebrity, but does that make him a leader?

According to an interview in NBC News, “Armstrong, who was stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles in 2012 and confessed to doping throughout his career, also said he doesn’t wear a Livestrong bracelet anymore.

He said for the first time in his life he’s “truly fearless.”


“Obviously, I was beholden to a very dark secret that just sucked,” Armstrong said. “There was a lot of pressure there that I don’t have anymore. The slate is clean, and I can kind of do whatever I want going forward.”

It’s almost as if he’s saying goodbye to the tour, and hello to — that remains to be seen!

What leadership role is possible for him now? According to Esquire, he’s a famous failure, remembered for what he lost not what he might be.  He’s in “leadership purgatory,” waiting for some of that greatness to return.

Let’s hope he finds an outlet for the ambition that gave him his power as a contender in the past.

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