850 Calorie Challenge

So, here’s a fascinating collective leadership, consciousness raising challenge — awaken knowledge by learning through doing, by walking a bit in someone else’s shoes and nutritional limitations! The 850 calorie/day challenge (eat only 850 calories, the amount starving refugees in Chad must live on, for only ONE day) is far superior to the ice bucket challenge, so popular lately in social media. It wastes less water, and asks us to directly experience (as much as possible) the food crisis taking place all around us. Will it teach us to take action, as creative followers and leaders, in the first world?

In the privileged first world, we are all potential leaders, more comfortable (and less involved, for the most part) than our comfort merits! And it’s ironic — many of my dear friends and colleagues, needing to lose weight to be healthy, are going on a 750 a day 10-day cleanse, with expensive supplements and shakes and support groups. That’s a very first world problem, right? But it’s a real problem. It’s all right to lose weight — in the US our comforts may be killing us! But this challenge put dieting and overeating into another perspective for me.

I’m definitely going to take this challenge. Will you? I wonder what leadership initiatives it might awaken, what new awareness? (Remember — if this might in any way endanger your health, don’t do it! Please! Spread the word, instead….)


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On the internet you may find a challenge which thousands of people have to face every day, day in day out.

The number of crises around the world is far outpacing the level of funding for humanitarian operations, and vulnerable refugees in critical operations are falling through the cracks. It is unacceptable in today’s world of plenty for refugees to face chronic hunger or that their children drop out of school to help families survive.

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme i...The World Food Programme’s dramatic cuts to refugee rations in Africa has received almost no coverage in Western media.

Logo of United Nations Refugee Agency.Version ...Two UN agencies put out a joint press release, one or two papers picked it up, and then nothing happened.

So nobody’s even heard about it.

Severely malnourished refugee children from the Central African Republic at a feeding centre in Batouri hospital, Cameroon.

As the World Food Programme ruefully concludes,African refugee camps…

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