The Darkside of Charisma

I like this take on something we all think we need, but sometimes traps us! Thinking about the Bathsheba Syndrome here….

Leadership Archways


Last week I posted about how to improve your charisma. This week I thought it equally important to bring up the dark side of charisma. Charismatic leaders are often thought of as heroes that are able to use their personal allure to lead others.  We have learned about inspirational leaders like Gandhi, Kennedy, or Obama, but charismatic leaders can also be a curse on society.  That is because while charisma can be used for the good of a company or nation, it may be used for less-than-honorable reasons as well. It is thus imperative to recognize that leadership can be used for good or for evil. I would like to present some of the consequences that occur when the dark side of charisma is tapped into (Yukl, 2006).

  • Being in awe of the leader reduces good suggestions by followers.
  • Desire for leader acceptance inhibits criticism by followers.
  • Adoration by…

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