The rainforest is for every human being: Tashka Yawanawá at TEDGlobal 2014

Partnerships like this are vital, fragile, and potentially consciousness raising/preservationist! This is a good example of indigenous leadership and global awareness: “The plants are central to Yawanawá culture, but have also been historically exploited, one of the main natural resources that led to early interference by Western society. Now, though, the Yawanawá are working toward a better way to distribute their resources to outsiders. They’ve formed a partnership with the American cosmetics company Aveda, who use the red dye of their urucum plants. The Yawanawá use urucum for ritual body painting that symbolizes health, happiness and beauty, and Aveda has incorporated the dye’s cultural significance into their packaging of the products. Proceeds from the relationship are going to fund education and social projects for the Yawanawá.”

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