From Disconnected Hierarchies To Connected Ecosystems

We’ve paid the price for isolation, individualism couched in imaginary authenticity, in reality disconnection from collaboration and creativity. How do we reconnect to living systems, and save ourselves and our world?


“In nature there is no “above” or “below,” and there are no hierarchies. There are only networks nesting within other networks.”  -Fritjof Capra ‘The Web of Life’

For far too long we have fabricated and forged a false hierarchical flow to contain and control our organizations and institutions.  We’ve created silos, instead of connections.  We’ve chosen rank, over relationship.  We’ve constructed hierarchies, instead of networks.

And we’ve paid a price for it…

Engagement is at an all-time low.  Creativity is diminishing at a rapid rate.  And we struggle to keep up with the ferocious pace of innovation.  Our organizations and institutions are faltering and failing to engage inspired, imaginative and inventive thinkers and problem-solvers who are able to confront the issues and changes that accompany the many shifts we are facing in society.

Much of the man-made organizational structures we’ve created lack the organic and authentic flow that is found…

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