My Essay about Malala Yousafzai appears in new book, Women and Global Leadership!

Malala Yousafzai: The Paradox and Power of Global Celebrity

Yousafzai in Birmingham on the way to school

Yousafzai in Birmingham on the way to school

I’m proud to announce that my article appeared last month in Information Age Publishing’s new collection of essays about women and global leadership!

This collection includes essays by many respected leadership specialists, including Barbara Kellerman, Susan Madsen, and Nancy Adler, and was published under the umbrella of the International Leadership Association.

Yousafzai is not only a hero for girls and women around the globe, but has won many awards, and deserves much attention. My article explores the power and challenges in her celebrity.

In only five years, Malala Yousafzai has evolved from a vocal advocate for girl’s education in Pakistan into a survivor of terrorist violence, global activist, fundraiser, and nearly mythic icon. The key reason for her undeniable success in global spheres, and particularly in developed Western nations, is that she has been adopted as a representative for all Muslim women and girls, a kind of leadership I call leadership by synechdoche, that is, the one represents the many.

This leadership position is both powerful and problematic, offering charismatic visibility and significant resources to her cause, but reinforcing Western propaganda around Muslim conflict. In my essay, I argue that leading by synecdoche is a potent form of political and social leadership, but it requires both sacrifice and strategy to maintain without losing the focus of her cause. She is a hero — but we might lose sight of who she is and the complexities of her culture in the process.

I’m thrilled to share this article in this remarkable volume!


  1. E. Caperton · · Reply

    Congratulations !! Girl power ;)))

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    1. Thanks so much! She’s quite an inspiration — and in some ways has been trained to take a stand, and forced to take a stand, and also chose to take a stand. Like all of us who stand, I think!


  2. So, is this article available to read online? ~smile~


  3. […] leadership as witness, combined with the complicated celebrity leadership role Yousafzai has taken on, shines a powerful, potentially dangerous light on girls who stand up for […]


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