Leadership Coaching Breakthrough! Be the change…

Are you ready to spring forward???

practice, stumble, practice stumbling.... and learn to love it...

practice, stumble, practice leading…. and learn to love it…

This Spring, I’m offering three breakthrough leadership coaching sessions at a discounted price.

Are you ready to make your leadership story work for you?

Are you ready to move forward with that dream, that vision?

Are you ready to change?

I’ll help you take the first steps, get into the flow!

For ten years, I’ve specialized in helping people live the leadership story they love, find their strengths and dance creatively with their challenges. Let me help you!
Let's shine a light on your gifts as a leader!

Let’s shine a light on your gifts as a leader!


What:     Three Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
When:      At your convenience!
Where:    via phone or skype
Cost:    Only $250 (a $50 savings)
Offer Ends: May 1, 2015

3 Breakthrough Sessions will get you moving!
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to ease work relationships and life challenges so we can lead more effectively? Sometimes it’s hard to know how to make our leadership vision a reality!  Only a little help can get us out of the doldrums and back on our feet! We can work with your archetypes, your personal story, your work challenges, or your creative vision! Are you ready to spring forward?

Contact me now  to claim your special discount! (Schedule your free 30 minute phone appointment to meet me and find out more!)

Carol Burbank


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  1. […] if we choose to accept it, is to pay attention to fear without letting it stop us from growing. As a coach, I’d say this: if fear is simply notifying you about the edge of your comfort zone, […]


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