The Arc Of Transformation

The arc of transformation, the process of necessary and possibly traumatic change — that’s definitely where we are now. Leadership that helps us move through this time unflinchingly, collectively, and with courage is what we need. I nominate Malala Yousafzai, Barack Obama, and the makers of socially responsible products like the Wonderbag! Who do you nominate?


At some point in time, deep and disruptive change will come a calling, be it for our civilizations, our societies, our cities, our institutions, our organizations, our systems, structures, processes and even for us individually.  And most often it is both inevitable and unavoidable.  The only question is whether we saw it coming or were we caught completely by surprise?

Not to be dour, but everything in this world has a shelf-life, an expiration date.  And for that reason, we have to be both ready and willing to throw out the old and usher in the new when things have reached their limit of usefulness and value.  The problem is that many organizations and institutions tend to stretch things far beyond their capacity to remain fresh and new.

Which often requires a complete overhaul.  A tipping point.  One of deep change that leads to full renovation and eventual transformation.   

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  1. […] models, we can consider the Wonderbag, a cloth slow-cooker designed to help African families, with each purchase including a free Wonderbag sent to an African woman. And who hasn’t seen Newman’s Own products in every American […]


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