Authentic Relationships make the Authentic Leader!

Petra Kuenkel gets it right here:

“Building resonance becomes the cornerstone of our ability to influence people and events. How would our journey be different if we have always led through creating relationships, enhancing authenticity in people, listening for what wants to emerge, listening to people, looking for common ground, being open, engaging, creating shared meaning, living empathy?”

If you were led by your intention to create wholeness, how would you lead? Profound professional change starts the moment we are able to see our own leadership contribution as part of a larger movement towards global sustainability. While following a larger goal, unrelated to sustainability, we may only be able to see the small – albeit important…



  1. […] it as a fierce identity that you have to defend to the death! (You know the difference…) And build authentic relationships to support your passion. That way, you’ll be less bothered by the colleagues who Just […]


  2. […] more effective than knocking someone or something down!) Be present to your vision; create an authentic self-representation so your true leadership can shine […]


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