The Kellogg Foundation Report: Take the Collective Leadership Challenge

The Kellogg Foundation has produced a guide to inspire rethinking leadership in collaborative and collective terms, looking at COMMUNITY not ONE-MAN/WOMAN leadership. It’s a provocative starting point for organizational and personal leadership development.


without collaboration in leadership, everyone drowns

They celebrate the way collective leadership, which means many things in a growing field, is “about embracing and marshalling human, cultural and technological resources in ways that enable local people to work together to improve their communities for the collective well being.”

They define three key qualities of Collective Leadership:

1. Collective leadership is relational: the group as a whole is a leader in the community just as members within the group can be leaders within the group.
2. Collective leadership is fluid: it emerges out of specific situations, the process of
defining vision and setting direction, as well as exercising influence over other
people and organizations; it becomes a shared function of the group.
3. Collective leadership is transformational: it begins with a belief in and a
commitment to social advocacy and social justice.

Get the complete workbook here…

It’s this energy I want to harness in my Honeycomb Leadership work, with a vision for transforming (as the workbook encourages) I to We in our leadership thinking, with optimism and patience.

The first principle for effective community change is “all those involved must be genuinely open to learning, and willing to change themselves.” How true, and what a challenge!

From my coaching work, I have seen that it takes some personal strength to move out of our comfort zones into curiosity and connection. It’s even harder for leaders, sometimes, because they feel a responsibility to live up to whatever myth is driving their identities. In our culture, the lone leader is king. That’s a limitation that holds us back from the kind of learning that is relational, emergent and transformational.

Where is your growing edge? Are you stretching your collaborative muscles? If you want to improve your chances of cooperative results, check out Kellogg’s useful report, or contact me to find out about sweetening your leadership results with honeycomb strategies, leadership practices that create sustainable change, one story at a time.



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  2. […] Just for today, let’s lead TOGETHER….. […]


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